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Sherlyn is a Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer, former Corporate Trainer and Business Manager and has a solid Educational Background (Master Degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration) that she draws upon to motivate her audiences.  

Sherlyn's Motivational presentations and workshops provide:

Skills to help you think on your feet in stressful situations

Techniques for effective change management and how to manage the unexpected

Manage, motivate and create more complementary, collaborative teams

How to identify obstacles that reduce productivity, slow rate of return/conversion 

The importance of 'putting people first' (impeccable customer service--internal and external) to boost morale, increase productivity and profitability

Strategic tools for Life Balance and Personal Motivation

Sherlyn's goal is to find out YOUR objectives and tailor a Program relevant to your team.
As a former Director of one of Chicago's oldest Social Service Programs and Training Specialist for the Chicago Housing Authority, I have first-hand experience as an employee and in working with program participants. While the work is rewarding (and often a life calling) and provides personal fulfillment, it can be depleting and thank-less. The staff feel over-worked, under-paid, under appreciated and work with limited resources (frustration)--- all of which lead to poor performance, minimal effort and high turn-over.

What if I told you that investing in your staff, PERSONALLY, would motivate them PROFESSIONALLY? When people feel valued and invested in they automatically become more motivated, creative and loyal.

Sherlyn's Motivational presentations and workshops are designed to Inspire your group to: 
Create trusting relationships with employees and clients

Take personal ownership in goal setting and goal achievement

Embrace challenges and change with conviction

Exceed Personal and Professional expectations

Stronger leadership and service excellence

Sherlyn has THE PERFECT training tools for your attendees to springboard into explosive action while adding enormous input and value to your organization

Postpartum - Depression - Overwhelm is real!   

What if I told you that you didn't have to feel this way?  That's right, you don't have to feel this way--you are making a choice.    Yes, there are some scientific explanations that substantiate this condition, however, research also proves that some aspects of it can be controlled, avoided and even cured with Mindset Management Techniques.    All feelings are non-verbal agreements made in your head that manifest themselves (negatively or positively) in your life.  I understand, I have been there.    I was pregnant 4 times in 5 years and that resulted in 3 children, with none of them 2yrs apart, obesity and depression---it was rough!    

Through mindset management techniques, discipline, routine and perserverance, I lost over 90lbs; began writing my first book, started my own business, became a FULL TIME motivational speaker and get to live my dreams, daily!

Now I teach other mothers (soon-to-be, new, seasoned and empty nesters) how to REclaim, REalign and REbalance their lives with my step by step program.

  Sherlyn's Motivational presentations and workshops reveal:

How to reshape your thinking and get back active in your daily life and relationships

How to balance motherhood and your life challenges

Identify and replace destructive behaviors and thought patterns

How to re-direct feelings of lonliness and despair into constructive actions  and healthier mindset 

How to effectively communicate your feelings and garner the support you need

The way you think and believe is based upon your past experiences.   However, we are all adults now---YOU get to choose something different.   If it no longer serves you--it's your duty to replace it with what does. YOU are responsible for YOU.
Do you feel like you have allowed yourself to be boxed into some (stereotypical) role as a Woman/Mother/Wife, etc. and you feel reduced, minimized and frustrated?

Are you tired of playing small ('shrinking') to make others comfortable? 

I have been where you are and trust me---you are doing a dis-service to yourself, your children and the world by denying the truth of who you really are.  

YOU ARE IMPORTANT -- Your hopes, dreams and desires don't have to take a back seat to ANYONE or ANYTHING. There is a way for you to have what you want AND be a good woman, wife, mother, etc. to your loved ones.  

YOU ARE CREATIVE -- Your desires are unique to you and the world is waiting on you to share it.  No one else can deliver, to the world, your talents, gifts and abilities.

YOU ARE POWERFUL --  There is nothing that you can't achieve.  The only barriers you have are those you have placed on yourself because of what you have chosen to believe -- that no longer serves you.
We are divinely connected!  Not only is this one of my favorite groups to work with---I credit motherhood for giving me the courage to live out my dreams!   I created this Program and  Mentoring Group exclusively for Women and Mothers who have put themselves on the back burner with the belief that you had to relinquish what you wanted or who you were (shrinking) in order for others to be accomodated.   It's time to make the REAL connection to the source of your  discontent, disappointment and despair and move beyond all excuses into the the life you desire.
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Take your Business and your Life to the next level with Personal Development Training.
Personal Development is the key to building, changing or expanding any personal or professional endeavor.  I specialize in motivating people to reach their highest level of achievement.  

Every company wants to be successful.  Every organization wants to move to the next level. Every individual wants to achieve their personal best -- let me show you how my mindset management tools can break all barriers and produce unprecedented results.  

Work with me for transformational Keynotes, Training and Workshops  
How far do you want to go?  

Move beyond complacency and achieve your personal best
Move beyond past successes and create a new vision of excllence
Move beyond shortcomings & create more effective leaders & authentic communication

Research shows that training and motivational programs can increase the quality and quantity of performance from 20 to 40% 

I convince people to do something new and different to produce the given result.
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Suggested Topics:  Overcoming Obstacles, Moving from Theory to Practice
Suggested Topics:  Overcoming Obstacles, Self Esteem:  You Are Worthy, 
                                   Moving from Theory to Practice
Suggested Topics:  Overcoming Obstacles, Moving from Theory to Practice
Suggested Topics:  You're More Than Their Mother™, Overcoming Obstacles