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What if I told you that there was a direct correlation in how you performed PROFESSIONALLY and what you believed about yourself PERSONALLY?  What if I told you that adding Sherlyn's Personal Development Training Techniques to your Presentation or Workshop was the key to massive action, improved performance and sustainable results?    

The truth is you will never excel beyond what you believe you are capable of---and if you do, it is highly unlikely that you will maintain the benefit of that progression. Sherlyn's presentations, trainings and workshops are life affirming experiences that change the way people think about themselves, their abilities and the way they go after and achieve any goal they set out to accomplish.

In my adult years I began to see myslef shrink. I became a shell of who I used to be and I had no idea of what was happening to me. This once ambitious, outspoken, high-achieving teenager and young adult began to let fear, doubt and trepidation creep in; I was living well below my full potential. Before I knew it I was morbidly obese, under-employed and depressed. Determined to reveal these unconscious limiting beliefs and face up to those inconvenient challenges I began a relentless pursuit of Personal Development. I became a voracious reader of self-help books, audio programming, conferences, coaches, trainings, certifications --- I did ANYTHING  necessary to move me beyond where I was to where I wanted to be. NO LIMITS! NO EXCUSES!

I attribute personal development training as the springboard to my success.  Once I commited to investing in me and the pursuit of making me a better person my life began to flower, Personally and Professionally.  I went on to obtain 2 Master Degrees in Business and Human Resource Management, obtained Training certifications, lost over 90lbs, left my corporate job and became a full time Motivational Speaker and Life Mentor.    The only way I was able to make this dream into a reality is by first developing the mindset to so.  This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the powerful principles I teach today.  I believe that if I can do it---so can anybody else.

I have impacted hundreds of people with my Keynote presentations and Workshops and am rapidly rising to the top in the speaking industry.   If your group is ready to turn self-limiting beliefs into self-empowering strategies then I am ready to partner with you!

Copyright Sherlyn Dorsey 2014 
Copyright Sherlyn Dorsey 2014 
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